Lobe Pumps

Technical Specifications

Edelmak Lobe Pumps For Dairy Application
Our pumps have a high position in the milk powder and dairy industry. Pumps are made of 316L and use a quick-fit interface to operate at low speeds to ensure food safety and integrity. Stable conveying materials and easy to clean, our mechanical seals have been updated and replaced to achieve complete sealing and no oil leakage. Can be customized according to your needs.

Edelmak offers the broadest range of its ROTARY LOBE PUMPS for milk powder and dairy applications. As a recognized market leader in pump technology, Edelmak has been growing rapidly in the past 12 years since 2007. We make pumps global industry standards. Through the cumulative experience and technology, Edelmak has supplied products satisfying customer by 100%.

Typical mediums to be transferred: milk powder, butter, cheese, cream, egg, ice cream, milk, whey, yogurt.