Milk Processing Tanks



Process tanks can be manufactured in capacities beginning from 500 liters to 15.000 liters. All tanks manufactured in closed-type base. Most important elements are agitating and curd cheese breaking system. Because these elements directly affect system productivity. Agitators and curd cheese breakers work in both ways. (There two breaker systems). One side of each breaking systems is sharpened. So it cuts curd cheese gently without defecting its texture. And other side are made of moving pallets for agitating.  Breaker reductors work double direction and at desired speed. Control system in tanks can only temperature check or offers an operation with receipt using PLC, if desired. And automatic water inlet system can be applied to tank. On tanks, a lift is placed at back of tanks to prevent leaving product inside the tank after evacuation of product. Additionaly, special valves are placed on outlet of tanks to  ensure a comfort and clean evacuation. Tanks Works pneumatic based.