Storage Tanks

Technical Specifications

It is vital to keep cooled milk in a fixed temperature. Edelmak Machinery cooling and storage tanks have very sensitive insulation and precise design. To keep milk homogenized in storage tank is as important as fixing temperature of milk. Our tanks’ strong design also provides you well agitated and homogenized milk. If a tank is not cleaned well after using, stored product can easily be spoiled. At this point Edelmak offer CIP systems which provide sensitive cleaning. All parts of tank without leaving a blindpoint is cleaned perfectly with carefully chosen equipments.

We do not need to mention durability of our tanks as “durability” is prioraim. Edelmak tanks are manufactured in 1000 - 150.000 liters capacity range.

Producing between 1000 lt - 50.000 lt capacities
Suitable for dairy and food industry.
AISI 304 and AISI 316 in accordance with the product specification
Heat insulated options (50 mm polyurethane and insulated or uninsulated)
Mixer and manhole cover
Digital Thermometer, Level Indicator, Automatic Gas Output and Sampling Valves
Adjustable Foot
DN 50 butterfly valve for product outlet
CIP wash head