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Edelmak Corporation. Want to buy turnkey dairy milk powder plants.
Süt tozu. Süt tozu fabrikaları. Süt tozu almak istiyorum. Süt tozu nereden alırım? Where can i buy milk powder? 
Spray Dryer (Drying Tower)
Rotary Atomizer
Nozzle Atomizer
Fluid Bed
Air Lock (Rotary Valve)
Milk Powder Silos

Milk Powder Plants

As Edelmak Corporation, we are building turnkey dairy milk powder plants all around the world.

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Milk Plants

Plant installation and internal assembly. Edelmak specialized and experienced anpower can be contracted to install your dairy plant assemblies.

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Custom Manufacturing

Our projects include of the world’s best milk processing machines.

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Milk Plants.
Tunkey Dairy Milk Processing Plants.
Milk Powder Plants.

Technical Support

EDELMAK is giving service to the food factories on machine maintenance, breakdowns and operation issues.

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Process, Cooling, Storage, Transportation, CIP Tanks. Providing a wide range of services related to the factory production lines.


We are proud to present brand new industrial pump products. Centrifugal, Under Vacuum, Lobe, High Pressured - Staged, High Flow Pumps.


Dried products are filled and packed industrially at the desired amount between 20 - 25 kg. craft paper bags by our industrial type packing machine.