Spray Dryer - Drying Tower


Technical Specifications

Drying Unit / Process of Condensed Milk Drying includes Drying Tower, Atomizer, Fluid Bed, cyclones, air absorbing fans and filters, hot air boiler, vibrating screen sifter, weighing and packaging units. One of the most important parts of the spray dryer is the atomizer. The atomizer is a system to pulverize the liquid to be dried smoothing into small particles at the desired size under high speed depending on various factors.Atomizer, one of the most important parts of the drying plants used for drying liquid products, and called Spray Dryer, is a machine which operates at 11.000 - 20.000 rpm and is sprayed into the tower and atomized. They are manufactured in the form of a nozzle atomizer or rotary atomizer.
Drying Tower is constituted by the Tower, hot air boiler – hot air radiator, concentration tank, high pressure pump, atomizer, cyclone, bag filter, fans, filters, fluid bed, vibrating screen sifter and packing equipment. Turnkey delivery milk powder, whey –lactose powder production plants

 Low labor and operating costs
 Low steam and electricity consumption
 Product loss and leakage rate are reduced to minimum level with cyclone or bag filter systems.
 Improvement of Secondary drying and product quality with Fluid bed
 Heat recovery and low production costs thanks to economizer system
 Our products are CE certified and at European norms.
 The requested production at the capacities between 0.5-5 tons / hour is available.
 In Rotary atomizers, the economical life of the atomizer is extended thanks to the cooling
lubrication systems and at the same time the maintenance costs are minimized.
 Cleanable, dust-holding capacity high-performance, long-life bag filters
 Hammers with high-impact blasting
 Highly efficient cyclone designs with a powder product and air separation system
 No accumulation on the walls thanks to the vibration system in the fluid bed, product loss is
 The heating efficiency of the hot air boilers we produce is min. 86% due to the special design of
the duct structure inside. Thanks to the channeled structure of the air distributors, the heated dry
air is distributed equally / uniformly inside the tower.
 Our vibrating screen sifters which are of high impurity removing capacity minimize the product
loss preventing product accumulation at the walls due to the tapetens.