Packing Machines

Technical Table

Feedin Bunker – 100 dm³

- Product filling opening suitable for capacity
- AISI 304 Material
- Ventilation outlet
- Lower and upper level sensors
- Sight Glass

Electronic Weighing / Precision Bagging

Single screw feeding, gross or net bagging option


  • Main frame made of mild steel profile.
  • The single feed screw controls the weight by operating at different speeds in two stages.
  • Anti-dust system.

-             Housing covers and ventilation connection outlet for possible dust


Packaging weight

20 – 25 kg


Installed Power

6 kW (*) / 3 faz 400V / 50Hz

Compressed Air Requirement

6 bar (dried and filtered)

Machine Speed

60 bag / hr

Polyethylene Nylon Closure System
Sealing is provided double jaw system sealing with the help of heat at inner bag inlet.
All doors are controlled by limit switches and safety breakers. The covers can only be open with suitable tools. The entire line is manufactured in accordance with the CE * norms. Electrical panel and motor protection is IP 55. The electrovalves in the panel are kept separate and protected. With two-handed operating mechanism, worker safety is 100% protected and possible accidents are prevented.
Automation System
AISI 304 stainless steel IP55 protected and fully assembled by our own technicians.
Content with control:

-              Weighing system is controlled by SIEMENS PLC and SIVENEKS control system.
-             Number of tonnages on display (net / gross kg control)
-             Door Locking General Breakers
-              Thermal magnetic breakers for motors
-              Thermal magnetic breakers for side circuits
-              220 Vac transformer
-              24 Vdc transformer
-              PLC with memory
-              Product flow control button
-              Belt start / stop control button
-              Interconnection bar
-              Electric scheme