Turnkey Milk & Dairy Processing Plants


Edelmak provides complete engineering and support at every stage of milk processing. It provides a complete customer experience, from planning your business to machine equipment selection, application to consumable support. Throughout the whole dairy farm design process, you'll get a strong engineering experience.

We have designed and installed many turnkey projects for milk, dairy and fruit juice processing plants. In line with the needs and investment plans of our customers, all of the project design, production, automation, assembly and commissioning activities are carried out by expert Edelmak staff. We have installed all equipment and designing systems to work in harmony together, and produces the highest quality standards for both Turkey if we guarantee comprehensive after-sales services abroad.

Milk Gathering and Cooling Centers
Pasteurized Milk Plants
White Cheese Production Plants
Cheddar, Mozarella, Gauda derivatives cheese production plants
Butter Production plants
Yogurt Production plants
Buttermilk and Kefir Production
Tulum Cheese and Local Cheese (tongue, braid, wire, etc.)
Production of Melted Cheese Varieties