Environment Policy


• It undertakes to act preventively against the environment by using the current and valid information on determining, eliminating or minimizing the environmental impacts in all the environments it operates.
• Starting from the business development phase, all activities that are completed by bidding, engineering works, mobilization, construction / commissioning and completed by demobilization are carried out considering the environmental dimensions and impacts.
• EDELMAK aims to improve the environmental awareness of its employees and continuously inform them about the efficient use of the environment and natural resources. In order to achieve this goal, the philosophy of environmental management; to create a culture in which continuous remedial, protective and corrective activities are a natural behavior for all employees.
• EDELMAK provides all the necessary resources to establish and implement the Environmental Management System, gives responsibility and authority to its employees and improves environmental awareness.
• As EDELMAK we are for this purpose:
• Uses natural resources efficiently,
• Increases environmental awareness of its employees,
• Reduces emergency risks,
• Fulfills the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and provides the necessary resources in this direction.
• Reduces environmental impact by keeping waste under control with Efficient Waste Management.